Wednesday, September 15, 2010

England in the 21st(?) Century

Hasn't been a great walk for blog-posting.  Spotty internet access, and spending a lot of time in the evening planning the next day's options (is the Coast Path passable for a gimpy-kneed guy? what are the options for walking part of the way on the country lanes? worst case, is there a bus available for part of the day's journey?)

Well, yesterday was a country lane day.  Forecast of rain, wind and fog (richly realized) and the most strenuous and poorly maintained section of the Path (seven successive descents and ascents into valleys, with narrow, eroded paths dangling over the cliffside).  So I headed out on the local roads to get to Port Gaverne from Tintagel.  The Cornish roads are actually entertaining, and more like a Camino than the Path tramp.  And more revealing of contemporary English life.  As shown by this picture, taken in a twelve-house village.  Yes, England still has the traditional red telephone booths.  But this one has been updated to do e-mails and texting as well as phone calls.  Or so it claims (note blue banner at top of phone booth).

And just to show I don't spend all my times skulking around the highways and avoiding the rigors of the Path, here's a picture from the day before yesterday, taken as I climbed up the slate path out of Boscastle Haven, a few miles before Tintagel.
Today it's off to Padstow over the clifftops.  Supposed to be a reasonable day in terms of climbing, with a few interesting attractions -- an abandoned village, and a sunken church (sunken into the sand).  And my first Cornish ferry at the end of the day.