Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It was good while it lasted

My blogging public will, alas, never get to see my stunning pictures of St. Michael's Mount (not to be confused with Mont St. Michel, although it was owned by the worldly monks who lived there for a few hundred years after the Norman conquest).  After taking pictures of the Mount, I walked to Porthleven, and found that my luggage had been stolen from the hotel where my luggage transfer service had delivered it.  With only the clothes on my back, and a backpack luckily containing my cameras and electronic devices -- but no chargers -- the only sensible option seemed to be beat a retreat back to Washington.  Which left me disappointed to have my walk so rudely ended, and feeling somewhat wimpy for not hiking on with whatever meager supplies of clothing and supplies I could find in a small English fishing village.  At least the hotel manager, a really nice guy, drove me to the railroad station 12 miles up the road in Penzance.