Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bartenders make poor photogs

Either Sebastian or Christina decided the bartender should take a picture of us at breakfast. So of course everyone had to have a picture. The results -- given the backlighting from the window -- were deplorable. Everyone pretended to be impressed that my app could produce a picture that was merely terrible. Since pilgrims tend to be solitary creatures, we then set off separately with vague thoughts of sharing a morning coffee in Campiello, 14 km. down the pike. Another beautiful morning. Today there was a heavy bowl of fog sitting in the valley, which the Primitivo path quickly climbed above. Later, waiting for Sebastian at the cafe in Campiello, a pilgrim from Madrid told me that in Spain, it's illegal to work when you're over 65, since that would be inconsistent with your (apparently mandatory) state pension. Sounds both pleasant in a way and fiscally suicidal for the economy, the latter being his point.