Thursday, May 12, 2016

Final day on the Camino

Today I walked the final 40 kilometers to Santiago. An hour from the start, I was able to visit the property Vanessa Llanes -- the co-leader of my 2009 Camimo walk -- hopes to rehabilitate into a bar and alburgue. So far, after two years, she is still waiting for the necessary permits. Vanessa is away leading a walk of the full Camino Francés, but I had a great conversation with her partner Ashley, the woman in the picture. Later in the day I walked with a 78-year-old Norwegian man who is walking the last 200 km of the Francés with his granddaughter Hannah. Two years ago he did the same with her older brothers. He has three younger grandchildren. He said he will keep doing caminos "as long as I can walk."