Friday, May 6, 2016

Rainy rest day

The Church of San Salvador in Grandas de Salime traces to 1186, although today it has very little if any of the original. It looks a little sad in the rain. But it's indisputably the most impressive thing in town. There are, however, 5 bars (beer, coffee and maybe sandwiches), 2 restaurants depending how flexible you are (one is quite good), my La Barra Hotel, an alburgue (hostel) for pilgrims who have to or think it's a necessary part of the Camino experience to sleep in a bunk bed dormitory with two dozen other people (one of whom inevitably snores, I'm told, and at least one other who hasn't washed since the start). As well as a grocery store, hardware store, electronics store, and so forth. So Grandas is a vast improvement over the four building hamlet where I had a bottle of water at noon yesterday and was supposed to spend the night. I couldn't figure out what I'd do all afternoon, let alone eat for dinner. So pushing on an extra stage seemed an obvious solution. Especially since it was forecast to drizzle all day today, which it has. It seemed too much trouble to reschedule all of my remaining hotels, so a rest day seemed the solution. I'm happy to be dry, but restless. Walking can become addictive.