Sunday, May 1, 2016

Woodland Walking

The Primitivo is surprisingly well maintained, except when it isn't. This well-built wooden bridge avoided a stone-to-stone hopping across a small stream. But several hundred yards later I was left on my own to traverse the slick mud sides of a mini-ravine. It was only two or three feet deep, so I wasn't threatened with anything worse than a muddy bottom. But that wasn't appealing. Luckily, I had my Black Diamond walking stick to give me the stability of a third point of contact. Other than that small challenge, my walk was flawless. A bright sunny day. Forest paths alternating with small lanes. It was a short day, so I got to my hotel in time for the late Spanish lunch (say, between two and four). A nice hotel in a hamlet with nothing else. But even so I was surprised to be told the dining room was by reservation only. The bartender explained it was "el día de la madre." In Spain that apparently means mom gets to go out to a restaurant, even if it's the only time all year that happens, other than christenings and weddings. So I had the set menu in the bar. Very good.